Handmade Cakes and Treats for YourBeloved Pets

Some like doggie and some like cattie. But one thing is always common: we want the best for our little ones!

Our Story

With Heart & Soul for the Joy of Our Little Pets

If you love animals, you’re in the right place! Some have dogs and some have cats. We have one thing in common, we want the best for our animals.


Nowadays our pets are considered as family members and we do not regret the best from them! Zizy Petisserie’s aim is to surprise them not only with toys, but also with mouth-watering delicacies.


I am Attila Kis-Urbán, pet confectioner and animal lover at heart, the dreamer of Zizy Petisserie. I am a true animal lover from the day I was, whenever my timesheet allows, I’m around animals. I have taken care of many dogs and cats in my life, and in 2003 I started horseriding as well.


I’ve always wondered how could I provide animals with a truly engaging experience, which is why I eventually became an animal confectioner, and then started my first business, Zizy Petisserie, where I make healthy and premium foods, cakes and treats for animals according to individual needs.

Kis-Urbán Attila

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20th May 9am -2pm open

Why choose us

The Finest Bites from Premium Ingredients

Guaranteed Quality

Only the best snacks are always fresh for your little pet

All-Free Products

Gluten-free, lactose-free and contains no preservatives

Handmade Products

Each piece is made with heart and soul in our artisan kitchen

Verified Suppliers

Strictly controlled suppliers for premium quality


What You Say About Us

    Eszter Sípos
    Eszter Sípos

    I immediately liked the idea when I first heard about it and approached them. Very creative and animal friendly, my dog ​​just loved it!

      Bianka Vén
      Bianka Vén

      I'm glad I finally found a place where I can get a real holiday surprise for my kitty. Creative, cute delicacies, I recommend it to everyone.

        Katalin Kovács
        Katalin Kovács

        I am very happy that we can finally celebrate our puppy's birthday with dignity, she really liked the cake, thank you!


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